The Final Countdown

I mean… come on.  Look at that foot.  I don’t care how much you detest feet.   Baby feet are one of the cutest things in the world.  My wife, Kristen, is 39 weeks pregnant today.  What does that really mean?  It means she’s very uncomfortable right now.  She’s having trouble sleeping.  She gets leg cramps in the middle of the night.  Her hands and feet are swollen.  It means that she is really close to giving birth to our daughter, Bailey Grace Osborne.  Now that’s pretty darn exciting!

My wife is such a trooper.  She has been a beautiful pregnant bride thus far.  I’ve enjoyed watching God grow her through the process of becoming a mother.  She really has the gift of joy.  She rarely complains unless she really needs help.  She’s definitely a “glass is half full” sort of girl.  I can’t wait to watch the interaction between the two most important girls (mom, don’t worry… you’re third) in my life in the days to come.

I’ve wanted to be a dad for years now.  I’ve always loved little babies even since I was a wee little boy.  And as God continues to grow me as His son, He grows my desire to be a father.  In recent years, I’ve really looked forward to wrapping my mind around the gospel from a different perspective.  Up to this point, I feel like I’ve only been able to comprehend one point of view of the gospel.  I understand more and more each day what it means to be loved as a son and still, I have trouble with that sometimes.   But, I’m eager to get the other side… the love of a Father for his children.  I know having children will drastically rock my world in light of the gospel.  I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to hold my daughter.  I can’t wait to watch Kristen be an incredible mom.  I can’t wait to understand God’s love for me more intimately.  My daughter will press me into Jesus even more.  Thank you, BGO.


One response to “The Final Countdown

  • morganwh

    Okay thanks!! Now I am crying. This was a very touching post. I am so encouraged by your love for Kristen and your love for your new daughter. I can’t wait to see you guys. Praying that God continually blesses your journey.

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