Simpler Times Again

I had lunch with an old friend of mine today.  A good friend.  He was one of about 3 guys who was very instrumental in God saving me.  Honestly, he is one of my heroes.  It’s always good when we are able to get together, although it doesn’t happen often enough.  Today we had a chance to reflect on the “good old days.”  We have had a neat journey together with God.  We were just little fire balls for God in high school.   We both lead the Christian Club at school.  We were a mess.  Lots of passion and vision…. little tact and responsibility.  Those poor kids, haha.  Thank goodness for sanctification.  My friend ran for SGA president going into his senior year and I remember him telling me,

“I don’t care if I win.  If I do, then  great.  I’ll try and do my best, but I’m going to share the gospel during my speech.”

And that’s what he did for his speech.  He stood up in front of close to 2000 peers and told them about Jesus.  Incredible.  We put on a few city wide youth rallies which were cool.  I mean, heck… we at least got some cool t-shirts out of them.  We were those little weird Christian kids at school, praying at the flag pole in the mornings, sporting christian t-shirts everyday, carrying our bible to every class with us.  We were sharing the gospel with the students at school every chance we could get during class, before and after class, outside of class… all the time.

I feel like things were simpler then.  We knew that Jesus had completely changed our life.  We knew that unless Jesus saved our friends and classmates, that they would end up in Hell.  We wanted to tell them.  It was that simple.  And that’s what we did.  Sometimes I think it’s easy to lose sight of that.  Sinners need a Savior.  God saves sinners.  It’s that simple.  Sometimes, we get too caught up with ministry and sometimes lose sight of those simple truths… believe it or not.  Sometimes we get so caught up with ministry that we forget Jesus.

I pray this year would be a simpler one.


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