Like a Lion

I was walking my dog, Boss, last night as I finished up listening to John Piper’s first sermon back after his sabbatical (which you need to go and listen to) – it’s awesome.  Anyways, I looked on my iphone for something else to listen to as I still had a little bit longer until we arrived back at the house.  I came to a song I recently downloaded, Like a Lion by David Crowder.  I’ve always been a big Crowder fan and this song is another log on the fire.

Few songs cause me to worship God the way this one did.  Now, I worship God when I sing to Him… but hearing a song that leaves you with no choice but to worship is a completely different ball game.  Here I was… walking Boss at 10pm, headphones in, hands raised, and singing aloud.  I was left with no choice but to recognize our God for who He is.  He is a roaring lion.  He is King.  He is coming back to complete what He already finished.  Our God reigns.

This song gets me pumped!  Hope it speaks to you.


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