Glorified through Art

This gem will soon find its way to the Osborne household.  This is the latest piece created by artist, Amanda Duke Brown, of Serpent& This particular piece is titled Matthew 10:16.  From the moment we first laid eyes on this piece, we knew it belonged in our house.  She is a gifted artist that creates beautifully unique pieces that many times tell a story that words cannot.

Here’s a blip from her site.

Amanda is inspired by God’s creation, written word, and the human condition.  Part of her process as an artist is to bind together nature and the visual arts.  It’s not unusual to find that her pieces have been buried in the earth, left outside to weather the elements, or primed with coffee and salt sometime during their journey into conception.  It is this intimate method that makes her works truly unique.  Each piece of art has a story all its own; a past that is layered within itself – a history to share with the viewer.   Amanda is currently creating her artwork “Serpent & Dove Art” out of her home studio and Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment facility as part of Sojourn Creative Arts.

Amanda will have a solo art exhibit this August in Huntsville, AL.  You can find more info on her site.  Be sure to mark this on your calendar and go check out her amazing pieces.  Rumor has it that she’ll have a few new pieces for purchase.


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