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Compelled by Love

This is a video of Penn Jilette, of Penn and Teller, a professing atheist talking about an experience he had when a fan gave him a Gideon Pocket New Testament. 

One of the best sermons I’ve heard, preached by an atheist.


My name is Johnny and I’m addicted to bibles.

I’m a huge fan of bibles.  Now, that statement might hit you a little funny at first so let me clarify.  I’m a huge fan of well made, premium, last a lifetime bibles.  I guess that makes me a bible snob.  I believe every student of the bible (christian) should own one.  Now, with the quality comes the money.  You can expect to pay about $125 – 200 for a premium bible.  My advice, pay the money for it, mark it up, and hand it to your grandkids when it’s time to be with Jesus.

Some of you will say “That’s a ton of money!  Why pay $200 for a bible? I can get one that works just fine for $20?”  My answer… you get what you pay for and you’ll probably be replacing that $20 bible in about 3 years, IF you actually spend quality time in it.  As a worshipper of Jesus, we should be devouring the scriptures – reading, studying, memorizing, treasuring.  It is one of the biggest blessings we’ll ever receive in life.  Let’s not take it for granted.  How much money did you spend on the last tv you bought?  How about the shoes on your feet?  We don’t think twice about paying ridiculous amounts of money for things that will fade away, but we find it hard to believe in actually spending a few dollars on a quality copy of the bible.  It’s one of the greatest investments you can make.  It’s an investment for the future of your family.  Now if you don’t have the money for one, then don’t go an put it on a credit card.  Start saving.

The beautiful thing about a premium bible is that the more you use it, the better it gets.  It gets broken in, the leather continues to get better with time like a fine wine (or at least that’s what I’ve read about wine somewhere…?)  I would’ve loved to have my grandpa’s marked up bible so I could see how the Lord spoke to him and how he spoke back to God through his notes in his bible.  What a gift?!  That’s what I hope to do in the future for my family.

Ok.  Go guy a premium bible.  I consider R.L. Allan and Cambridge to be the two best bible binders in the world.  I think everyone should have a wide-margin bible.  Have a bible that has wide enough margins for you to mark it up and write in, capture thoughts.  R.L. Allan is out of Glasgow.  They are phenomenal.  Cambridge also makes some very quality bibles as well.  I own both.  They both make a variety of bibles, so you should be able to find one you like.  I had been looking for a quality ESV bible and I recently got an Allan ESV Reader’s Edition Bible for Christmas (the one pictured).  And wow, it’s amazing.  Best bible I’ve ever held and read.  It’s like butter in your hands.  It has a wide margin, large font size, highland goatskin leather, reinforced stitching, leather end pages, fullish yapp, lined pages in the back, great maps, 3 thick ribbon markers….I could go on.  It has been said to be the best ESV bible on the market.  I believe it.  Ray Ortlund Jr. and Eric Morgan both own Allan ESV Readers as well.  I’m sure they’ll tell you how much they love theirs as well.

I’ve said enough.  Check out .  Make sure you don’t have any work to do when you go there though.  You’ll spend a few minutes.  Mark Betrand has a review of almost every premium bible on the market.  It’s as thorough as can be.

When you get ready to buy your bible, check out and