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Marinated in Grace

I was installed as an elder of Sojourn Church this past Sunday.  It was a special day for sure.  I began my elder apprenticeship in the Fall of 2009.  So it’s been a long road to get to this point.  A long road that I’m grateful to have traveled.  A road that consisted of a lot of time, reading, writing, studying, meetings, prayers, questions, conversations, transparency, and clarity.  It’s been such a healthy process for both me and the others involved.  I’ve had tremendous support from family and friends that’s been so helpful and encouraging.  The costs have been counted by not only myself but by my family as well and without hesitation we have pushed all in for the road ahead.

I traveled to Nashville, TN on March 3rd with David and Eric to meet with pastors Ray Ortlund Jr. and Jeremy Rose for my eldership council.  This was a very honest and open assessment of my candidacy as an elder.  There were times of laughter, rock bottom godly humility, encouragement, and the utmost seriousness.   The decision was unanimous from that council of men to proceed with my standing as an elder.  I was overjoyed.  I’ll never forget that day with those men.  One of the best days of my life.

I stood there Sunday before the church as pastors David and Eric charged me with the scriptures to shepherd the flock; to know, feed, lead, and protect the flock.  It was a powerful charge of encouragement that I greatly appreciate.  I love those guys and I know I am loved by them.  It’s an honor to shepherd alongside them.  They then invited the body to come up and lay hands on me as they prayed for me, installing me as one of their pastors.  As people began to come towards the front, tears began to well up.  That moment was marinated in grace.  A completely humbling experience.  A true honor.  I am part of a great church and loved by a great God.

I love Sojourn Church and most of all the God we worship, Jesus the Chief Shepherd.


How deep is your team?

I watched the debut of the Southbeach Big 3 last night.  After a very lopsided first half where the Celtics just looked like the better all around team, the Heat were able to come back and bring the game within 3pts down the stretch in the 4th.  Needless to say, I think things are going to be a lot harder for the Heat than they originally thought.  I know it’s only the first game and granted, I know they haven’t been able to play together throughout the preseason due to DWade’s injury but I still see a lot of holes in their team.  I will say that they have the best 3 player combo in the league, but they might be the thinnest team when it comes to the rest of the roster.

They have no depth.  It was clear that even when 1 of those big 3 struggle, the whole team will struggle, without many options to pick up the slack.  Depth was one of the things that stood out to me when it came to the Celtics.  It seemed almost as if they didn’t miss a beat all night, regardless of who they had on the floor.  They seemed very deep.  They had players come in and step up who were able to make plays and play roles, and they just continued on playing ball.

How deep is the team, staff, or company that you’re a part of?  What would happen if one of the “big ones” got injured or had a season where they really struggled?  Would everyone struggle?  Is your team set up in such a way that it’s dependent upon a single person?  Do you have people in place to step up?  Are you as a leader duplicating yourself and helping raise other leaders?  We need to make sure to leave the team better than it was when we first arrived, when it’s our time to leave.  We must be good GM’s developing deep teams.   Be strategic in delegating responsibility to others, looking for opportunities to set others up to make  plays.

It’s important to help process and determine where people can add value to your team.   What are their strengths and weaknesses?  What are they gifted at?  What are scenarios they excel in?  Talent is worthless if it’s never used.  Maybe you need to find different games to let those players develop and use their skills?  When you take the time to develop others, you can make a strong run at the championship, whatever that may be for you and your team.