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At Your feet

It’s funny to think

left in my hands, it cannot sink.

Buckled in the driver’s seat

Straight to the grave, I’ll meet defeat.

Why is it so hard

To the end, let down my guard?

Giving up control

Many times it seems a far off goal.

But it is my best

To release my grip, in You I rest.

Hanging on, my joy is least

Letting go brings the flood of peace.

Looking to the cross is key

Your blood was shed, I know You love me.

It’s for Your fame

Obeying the Father, You willingly came.

Now that’s true love

Only made possible from  above.

Here I am, trusting Your plan

It’s proven better than efforts of this man.

Sitting at your feet

Is where I’ll be until the day we finally meet.



There it was, just hanging there

I had to have it, I could no longer stare.

Once I had it, came delight

It was gone in a flash of light.

I’m now more empty before it started

It’s now all clear, I have departed

The guilt and shame, it weighs on me

I try and shake it, it’s far too heavy

Death is close, in fact it’s here.

You made a way, the King came near.

You took the cross, You bore it’s shame.

Glorifying your Father you came.

The blood was shed, it cost you much.

For our freedom, the price was such.

Not what I do, but what You did.

It was not over, you raised from the dead.

I have new life, it’s found in You.

Now knowing nothing else could do.

You gave it all, condemned You stood.

You are my God, you are my good.

The story continues, it goes on and on.

Here we wait, we pray c’mon.

No strings

What is it like to have no strings

To love others no matter what they bring

How could You do it, You gave yourself

And to this day, man tries to save himself

We go here, we go there

But in the end, are still left bare

What did we do, making us deserving?


Born in humility, you came serving

You did the thing I could not do

Salvation is here, salvation is You

Can I repay you? Could I ever?

That’s the beauty, I’m still Yours forever

You gave it all, You gave everything

Giving us a new song to sing

It was the plan from the start

Because of love, we get a part

All for Your glory

The reason there’s a story

And to each day, it’s all for grace

That keeps me fighting til I see Your face

In spite of who I am

You are the great I AM

No matter what I say or do

The offer still stands, we get You.